The use of multilingual virtual attendant for restaurants.

With the increase in global tourism and cultural diversity increasingly present, restaurants face the challenge of offering quality service to tourists who speak different languages. Mainly establishments that operate within large cosmopolitan capitals. At the same time, Natural Bot is bringing an effective solution to this problem with the use of our multilingual virtual attendant. Using a category of artificial intelligence technology called Natural Language Processing (NLP).

In this article, we will discuss the positive impact of this technology, as well as its advantages and best practices for implementing it.

This theme related to communication and serving foreigners, much discussed outside Brazil, but more and more, in the most cosmopolitan cities, they feel this need. In that sense, let’s talk about the benefits of multilingual virtual attendants for restaurant sales.

Communication and Effective Experience

First, multilingual virtual attendants provide effective communication between tourists and restaurants, eliminating language barriers. For example, with advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies, Natural Bot’s virtual attendants are able to understand and respond to more than 60 different languages. In this way, it facilitates the communication of tourists and ensures a pleasant experience for everyone.

Furthermore, it is important to remember that there are international communities (Trivago, Booking, Trip Advisor, etc.) where tourists share their experiences. Therefore, establishments that offer new experiences that facilitate communication, tend to have a greater flow of new customers from these platforms.

Personalization of the Experience

Multilingual virtual attendants have the ability to personalize the experience of tourists in restaurants. Through strategic questions, they can obtain information about food preferences, dietary restrictions, allergies, and other specific customer needs. The information will be used by the platform to suggest suitable dishes, and make personalized recommendations. In this way, ensuring that meals will meet the individual expectations and preferences of tourists.

Offering Better Service

Virtual attendants can help restaurants offer better service, encouraging repeat visits. Natural Bot’s virtual attendants can provide information about dishes, hours, and available locations. Allowing customers to make better decisions when choosing their meal. They can also help speed up the checkout and dining room reservation processes, improving service efficiency.

Managing Database

Virtual attendants can access restaurant databases and provide accurate information. This helps restaurant owners make the best decisions, via a dashboard, it can analyze conversation data, sales, and order data. Natural Bot virtual attendants can also analyze data from existing customers, tracking consumption patterns and trends, allowing establishments to offer smarter services and products to attract more customers.

Approach to the Customer

Unlike in-person attendants, multilingual virtual attendants are available 24/7. This means that tourists can ask questions or requests for information at any time. It greatly reduces operational costs, not having to worry about attendant shifts. In addition, this constant availability provides convenience for tourists and contributes to the establishment’s positive reputation.

Automated and Efficient Responses

The use of multilingual virtual attendants provides immediate and effective answers to tourists’ questions. Natural Bot virtual attendants will answer specific questions, establishment information, products, and prices. This allows users to get instant and accurate information. Virtual attendants can therefore reduce the stress and time spent trying to get information about restaurants.

Direct Contact with Customers

Multilingual virtual attendants provide a safe way to establish direct contact between businesses and customers. This helps establishments build long-term relationships with their customers (important for foreigners who make recurring business trips) and ensure that they feel well cared for and that their needs are met. This approach also allows establishments to collect feedback from their customers and improve their services and products to match their needs.

Reduction of Errors and Misunderstandings

The risks of communication errors and misunderstandings are significantly reduced with Natural Bot’s multilingual virtual attendants. They are trained to understand and correctly interpret user requests. This avoids problems caused by incorrect pronunciation or misinterpretation. This not only improves the tourist experience, but also avoids problems with wrong orders or dissatisfaction with the service.

Improved customer retention

The use of multilingual virtual attendants not only increases the ability to retain and recover customers. But they also offer the ability to interact easily with foreign customers and fully understand what they need. Occasionally it creates opportunities to provide personalized guidance and support for those who want to return to the place. In this way, foreign users can be served more quickly and accurately, they tend to be more satisfied with the experience. This contributes to organic dissemination among communities of information and experience exchange, widely used by foreign tourists.

Saving Time and Resources

By using our multilingual virtual attendants, restaurants can save time and resources that would be spent on hiring and training in-person attendants for each language required. In addition, the scalability of these systems allows a single virtual attendant to attend to multiple customers simultaneously, speeding up the customer service process.

In addition, these virtual attendants make it easy to process orders and payments. Customers can easily purchase their items, make payments, and collect required information without having to speak to an in-person attendant, saving time.

Above all, Natural Bot’s virtual attendants do not need breaks, overtime, or vacations and have a more standardized communication than humans. They also allow restaurants to obtain cost predictability, aligned communication with the sales channel, better resource management, and the ability to handle heavier workloads with the same number of employees, resulting in resource savings, increased productivity, and a focus on physical space.

Integration with POS and Delivery Systems

We will offer a complete and integrated experience. Natural Bot’s multilingual virtual attendants will be able to be integrated with some POS and delivery management systems, for delivery tracking. On the Natural Bot administrative panel, the restaurant will have a native digital menu session on the platform. With the purpose of allowing customers to check the availability of tables, make reservations and view the menus directly through the virtual attendant, without the need to switch between different platforms or make phone calls. In addition, our multilingual virtual attendants will be able to answer customer questions in different languages, thus reducing the language barrier and helping to improve the customer experience.

Data Monitoring and Analysis

It is also possible to integrate Natural Bot into POS and delivery systems, so that everything can be done more quickly by customers or via our services.

Data collection and analysis are essential to understand the performance of multilingual virtual attendants. Monitor interactions with tourists, identify patterns of frequently asked questions or recurring problems, and analyze customer satisfaction, with the purpose of being part of the continuous improvement process. This information can provide valuable insights to adjust the answers, improve the efficiency of the services and enhance the overall experience of the tourists.

In addition, the analyzed data can provide a knowledge base to guide customer service policies and serve as a basis for new marketing strategies. They help restaurants to better understand the needs of their customers and to better guide their decisions. Data analysis also helps in business decision-making, improving the quality and productivity of virtual services.

Restaurants will even be able to monitor the mood of conversations (via administrative panel), if they are positive or negative and with this information, the virtual attendant adjusts to bring the best experience.

As a result, virtual services will quickly become an indispensable resource that will offer added value to business owners of all sizes. With the use of data monitoring and analysis, your organization can provide quality customer service and increase the productivity of virtual attendants. This will help to create a solid relationship with customers and to improve the overall performance of your business.


In this way, the use of multilingual virtual attendants in restaurants has proven to be an effective solution to meet the increasingly diverse demands of tourists. With the ability to provide effective communication, personalization of the experience, 24/7 availability, error reduction and time and resource savings, this technology promotes a pleasant and satisfactory customer experience. Implementing multilingual virtual attendants requires attention to best practices, such as adequate training, integration with existing systems and continuous data analysis. With these practices in mind and using the Natural Bot platform, restaurants can position themselves competitively in the market and offer a quality and differentiated service, ensuring the satisfaction of tourists and increasing their loyalty.

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In conclusion, restaurants can enjoy the numerous benefits of implementing multilingual virtual attendants. Similarly, restaurants increase customer satisfaction, position themselves competitively in the market and, consequently, increasingly retain their foreign and local customers.

It is important to consider Natural Bot as a strategic partner in the sector. We are in the development phase and we will soon call some customers who are interested in participating in our beta test. If you are interested, please register here and follow our website.