Chatbot em Tecnologia PLN para os Comerciantes

Chatbot in PLN Technology for Merchants

Where did Natural Language Processing come from? The term "Natural Language Processing" (NLP) was first mentioned in the 1950s. The field of NLP emerged with the goal of developing techniques and algorithms to allow computers to understand and process human language in a similar way to humans. A major milestone in the development of NLP was the work of Alan Turing, a renowned computer scientist and mathematician, who proposed the "Turing Test" in 1950. The Turing Test is a conceptual...

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A Natural Bot ajuda os restaurantes a aumentar as vendas

Natural Bot helps restaurants increase sales

Virtual assistants based on Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology are a technology that is revolutionizing the way companies interact with their customers. They are able to provide customer service 24/7, answer questions, solve problems, place orders, and even make suggestions for orders. Unlike traditional chatbots (based on decision trees), the conversation with Natural Bot's virtual assistants will be more human, with a natural conversation, simulating a human conversation,...

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The use of multilingual virtual attendant for restaurants.

With the increase in global tourism and cultural diversity increasingly present, restaurants face the challenge of offering quality service to tourists who speak different languages. Mainly establishments that operate within large cosmopolitan capitals. At the same time, Natural Bot is bringing an effective solution to this problem with the use of our multilingual virtual attendant. Using a category of artificial intelligence technology called Natural Language Processing (NLP). In this...

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Natural Bot, the Next Generation of Virtual Attendants

In the ever-evolving world of technology, communication between businesses and customers plays a fundamental role in business success. With the advancement of virtual solutions, we are creating a revolutionary tool: the Natural Bot virtual attendant. Based on Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), our virtual attendant goes far beyond traditional chatbots, offering a unique and enhanced experience for businesses and their customers. Over the years, chatbots...

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